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Soft Tissue Grafting Santa Barbara CA

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting in Santa Barbara, CA

If you have receding gums, you may be concerned about tooth loss as well as the look of your smile. Fortunately, See Me Smile Dental in Santa Barbara offers a treatment to regenerate gums, known as soft tissue grafting.

What is Soft Tissue Grafting?

Soft tissue grafting, or gum grafting, is a specialized dental procedure that takes other gum tissue (or tissue-producing proteins) and connects it to the area that needs more gum tissue.

The end result of soft tissue grafting can be a rejuvenation of gum tissue, healthier teeth, and a nicer looking smile.

What Are Receding Gums?

Receding gums (or gum recession) is when the pink tissue that holds the teeth in place starts to fall away from the tooth. This exposes too much of the tooth's surface area, and in severe cases, can expose the root of the tooth. This can make the patient sensitive to hot or cold foods. If it is left untreated, gum recession can actually damage the bone that keeps teeth in place. At its worst, gum recession can lead to tooth loss.

What Happens If the Dentist Finds Receding Gums?

When you get your regular dental exam from our friendly dentist, he will check the health of your gums. he will check the health of your gums. If you have receding gums, and evidence of gingivitis (gum inflammation), or periodontitis (gum disease), then your gums will be checked for the level of damage. This is usually done by using an instrument to measure the depth of the pockets in the gums.

What Causes Receding Gums?

Receding gums are typically caused by bacteria that is generated from tartar and plaque build-up. Regular teeth cleanings can help clean that build-up and reduce the risk of gum disease. However, receding gums can be caused by a variety of factors, including overbrushing (brushing too hard), genetics, and a weakened immune system.

Even physical wear and tear can cause receding gums, and this can occur from things that might surprise you, from night-time teeth grinding to lip piercings. Smoking and tobacco use can cause gum recession. Also, dentures that aren't fitted properly can also be a cause of receding gums.

How Much Does Soft Tissue Grafting Cost?

The cost of soft tissue grafting can be average from $2,800 and $3,200. Your insurance may cover some or all of these costs. The exact cost depends on the level of gum disease and damage, as well as other factors.

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What Types of Soft Tissue Gum Grafting Are Available?

Gum tissue grafts are a safe and effective way to help heal damaged receding gum tissue. Types of soft tissue grafts include connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts, donor grafts, and pedicle grafts.

What Are Connective Tissue Grafts?

Connective tissue grafts are the most common way to perform a gum graft. This process involves taking a small patch of skin from the roof of the mouth and grafting it onto the affected area of the gums.

What Are Free Gingival Grafts?

A free gingival graft is similar to a connective-tissue graft except that is slightly more invasive because the outer and inner layer of affected gum tissue is removed first. This is done to strengthen very weak areas that need stronger gum tissue.

What Are Donor Grafts?

What are donor grafts? These types of soft tissue grafts utilize tissue from a "tissue bank," which could be from a variety of sources, including cadavers and animal sources. Tissue-building proteins are sometimes used instead of actual tissue to promote the gum growth.

What Are Pedicle Grafts?

Pedicle grafts take tissue from around your gum instead of the roof of the mouth. This is only done if you have a lot of extra gum near the tooth, and may be used in more cosmetic gum restoration procedures.

How Can I Prevent Receding Gums?

To prevent receding gums, make sure you follow proper dental hygiene, including daily flossing. Do not overbrush by pushing too hard against the teeth when brushing. Finally, make sure you visit us at See Me Smile on a regular basis for checkups and routine cleanings.

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