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Dental Bridges Santa Barbara, CA

 Are you tired of dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by a missing tooth? Is a dental implant simply not possible? A dental bridge is a durable and affordable way to replace a tooth and prevent possible complications when implants cannot be done.

At See Me Smile Dental, every bridge we place involves a process uniquely tailored to you. We also offer a variety of dental bridge options to guarantee a perfect fit and a dazzling smile.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a natural looking prosthetic tooth that is fixed in place by either crowns or wings placed on the adjacent teeth. At See Me Smile Dental, we provide three types of dental bridges for you to choose from:

  • Maryland Bonded Bridge: This type of dental bridge utilizes porcelain wings on the adjacent teeth, instead of the traditional crowns. This is typically the least invasive dental bridge option.
  • Cantilever Bridge: This dental bridge is used when only one natural tooth is available for holding an artificial tooth in place.
  • Traditional Bridge: This long-lasting option fixes the prosthetic tooth to specialized crowns placed on the neighboring teeth.
Dental Bridges Santa Barbara

Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Maintains proper jaw and tooth alignment and bite
  • Gives your smile a natural looking appearance
  • Restores your ability to eat and chew like normal
  • Comfortably stays in place

The Dental Bridge Process

During your free first consultation, we will take X-rays, provide an expert examination, and develop a personalized treatment plan with you. Then, we will then take impressions of your mouth to ensure a natural and comfortable fit for your dental bridge.

A temporary bridge will be placed to guard the treatment site while your permanent bridge is being custom-made. When your permanent bridge arrives at our practice, you will come back in and your bridge will be carefully and securely placed.

Find Out If Dental Bridges Are Right For You!

Come in for your consultation, or call us at 805-284-0826 to learn if a dental bridge is the perfect solution to your missing teeth!

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