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Emergency Dentist Santa Barbara, CA

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call our experienced emergency dentist!

At See Me Smile Dental, we know how painful and disruptive a dental emergency can be. We always keep appointment times open for emergency patients, so we can see you right away, and ease your pain as quickly as possible.

We offer many financing options and payment plans, so you can receive treatment at an affordable price. Don’t wait any longer to take care of your dental emergency!

How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen when we least expect it, and can be a huge disruption to our lives. Here are some ways to reduce your risk of experiencing a dental emergency:

  • Practice consistent oral hygiene, including regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist, and make sure to brush and floss twice a day to avoid tooth decay and infection
  • Wear appropriate protection when playing contact sports, including mouthguards
  • Avoid eating hard candies and other hard foods that may crack or chip a tooth or filling

Types of Dental Emergencies

Our skilled dentists and caring staff are experienced at treating all types of dental emergencies. Some of the most common dental emergencies are:

  • Broken tooth – A broken tooth needs to be treated right away in order to save the tooth. A cold compress applied to the outside area adjacent to the broken tooth can ease pain and swelling before you come in for your appointment.
  • Tooth loss – It is important for us to see you right away if you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident. For the best chance at preserving the tooth, rinse any debris from the roots, without removing tissue, and store it in a cup of warm milk until you come in.
  • Object stuck in teeth – We can remove difficult objects stuck between your teeth and we don’t recommend you attempt to remove them yourself. 
  • Extreme gum pain – Severe gum pain can be caused by an infection or other serious health problems, and should be addressed immediately. A cold compress can reduce pain and swelling until you’re able to come in for your appointment.
  • Unbearable tooth pain – Extreme tooth pain can lead to further health complications, and should be treated as soon as possible. It can be caused by decay, an exposed nerve, or other serious dental issues. We’ll diagnose you and relieve your pain as quickly as possible.

We Can Help With Your Dental Emergency

Call us now at (805) 284-0826, or come to our office to see our emergency dentist so we can get you out of pain quickly!

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