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Sedation Dentistry Santa Barbara, CA

At See Me Smile Dental, we know that undergoing necessary dental treatments can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. We are experienced in helping patients with all levels of fear safely receive the treatment they need and reduce their anxiety for future visits.

How Do We Make Patients Feel at Ease During Dental Procedures?

Our office is devoted to creating a stress-free and soothing environment, which is why we provide several sedation options, so you can achieve complete comfort. Our safe and effective sedation dentistry lets you get the treatment you need, anxiety-free.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of medication to help patients relax and have a comfortable and painless experience during their dental treatment. Our caring staff will work with you to create a personalized sedation plan to ensure maximum comfort during your treatment. Our Dr. Omid Barkhordar is also highly trained in providing the most effective and gentle dental procedures.

What Types of Sedation Are There?

There are three primary types of sedation used in dentistry, though they can be administered through a variety of techniques: conscious sedation, twilight sedation, and unconscious sedation.

What Is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is administered through a variety of options, including oral tablets, topical local anesthesia, or nitrous oxide. This form of sedation helps patients combat anxiety, pain during procedures, and other discomforts.

This form of anesthesia is commonly administered in dentistry for folks who are feeling anxious or panicked in procedures like root canals, fillings, or routine cleanings.

What Is Twilight Sedation?

Twilight sedation is a sort of "in-between" form of sedation for mid-level dental procedures. This method of sedation is generally administered through IV or nitrous oxide.

Under this type of sedation, patients are extremely sleepy and relaxed, and often cannot remember the details of the procedure, but they are technically conscious. If we need a response from you, you are able to give a response and follow simple directions.

Twilight sedation is intended to relieve stress and anxiety and lessen pain while still allowing patients to respond in procedures during which may be necessary.

What Is Unconscious Sedation?

Unconscious sedation is general anesthesia administered through a breathing mask or IV before a procedure to put a patient into a state of complete unconsciousness. Patients cannot be aroused under this form of sedation, meaning painful procedures will not awaken them.

This form of sedation is far less common and used only for patients who need significant oral surgery or are resistant to other types of sedation.

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What Are The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

While many procedures do not require sedation and many folks will never need it during a visit to See Me Smile Dental, there are some strong benefits for those times that it is required.

  • Sedation dentistry removes stress and anxiety for many patients.
  • It lets you receive painless and comfortable dental treatment.
  • All of our sedation choices are effective and safe.
  • It allows us to more easily perform necessary dental procedures.

What Individualized Sedation Options Are Available?

We know that every patient is different and has their own sedation requirements. We offer individualized sedation options that are always expertly administered and monitored during the procedure by our knowledgeable and attentive staff. We will go over our sedation options with you before choosing the best one for your needs, such as oral sedation, general anesthesia, or nitrous oxide. You may be given pills, an IV, or a breathing mask.

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation and one of the most common types used in dentistry. You will be given a pill that will cause drowsiness and allow you to relax during the treatment. Dr. Barkhordar will recommend the necessary strength to guarantee your complete comfort and safety.

What Is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia can be given through an IV or breathing mask and will induce complete unconsciousness.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

This commonly utilized gas allows you to remain calm and to experience complete relaxation. Nitrous oxide is breathed through a mask placed over the nose and the effects do not last long past treatment.

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What Are the Reasons for Conscious Sedation?

There are some specific reasons why conscious sedation may be administered for patients on their visits. Some of these include:

  • Anxiety or dental phobia
  • Medical conditions aggravated by stress (such as asthma, epilepsy, or angina)
  • Long or painful dental procedures
  • Patients with developmental disabilities
  • Ineffective local anesthetics

What Does Dental Sedation Cost?

Some costs for dental sedation might be incorporated into your dental procedure costs - in other words, you will not be charged extra. IV dental sedation costs more, and is typically $500 to $700 on average, but can be as low as $250 and as high as $1,000 or more. Your insurance may cover part or all of these costs.

How Should I Plan for Dental Sedation?

If you are receiving topical local anesthesia, you generally will be able to safely drive and return to normal daily activities after the procedure.

If, however, you receive any other form of sedation, including other forms of conscious sedation, during your procedure, you will need to have someone drive you home afterward. You should have a responsible adult to remain with you for the remainder of the day.

What Should I Expect at See Me Smile Dental?

When you come in to See Me Smile Dental for your procedure, you'll be welcomed into your patient room where you'll sit or lie down, depending on the type of procedure you're having.

You'll next receive your sedative through a tablet, facial mask, or IV. The effects will kick in anywhere from a few minutes to an hour later, depending on the form (IV is usually the quickest), and you will be monitored while under sedation to ensure your safety and comfort. Once the sedative takes effect, we'll begin your procedure.

Meet Dr. Omid

Dr. Omid Barkhordar, DDS has earned his reputation as a leading family and cosmetic dentist in Santa Barbara, the Central Coast, and Southern California. He is committed to providing patients of all ages with compassionate care.

From general dentistry to advanced procedures, Dr. Omid uses innovative technology and gentle techniques to deliver safe and stress-free dental care so patients can enjoy a painless, healthy, and gorgeous smile.

Dr. Omid earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry in one of the best dental programs in the United States. His dedication to helping patients achieve their perfect smile has earned Dr. Omid the continued trust and recommendation of many clients.

No matter the age or needs of the patient, Dr. Omid is committed to helping you discover the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile.

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