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Digital Dental X-rays Santa Barbara CA

Digital Dental X-Rays

Santa Barbara Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays work similar to all other types of x-rays you may get following an accident, illness, or injury. Controlled pulses of radiation are used to create an image of the patient's internal jaw and mouth structures. In dentistry, we use these images to find evidence of bone or gum loss, cavities, tumors, abnormal structures within the lower area of the head, and signs of periodontal disease.

Like all other types of x-rays, dental x-rays make use of the natural density within the mouth and jaw. Cavities show up easily because they are less dense than healthy teeth, and therefore they are often used during initial office visits to determine just how many cavities a patient may have, as well as pinpoint any other oral health issues.

When are Dental X-Rays Needed?

Many dental exams include x-rays to give us a comprehensive picture of your oral health. These simple imaging scans can help us keep your teeth and gums healthy because we can see minor issues before they become a much larger problem.

When the early onset of cavities or signs of periodontal disease are found in a digital x-ray, we can help you take preventative measures and protect your teeth from harm. In some cases, it may even be possible to reverse the damage and restore health to your teeth that were in danger.

Digital dental x-rays can be very useful in small children and adolescents because they help find permanent teeth that have yet to erupt through the gums. These images can also help locate roots when various types of orthodontic work is needed.

Common Types of Dental X-Rays

There are three main types of dental x-rays. In most cases, patients receive a full mouth series of x-rays that include a bitewing view and periapical view. If there is a specific issue the dentist is concerned about, they may include the occlusal view x-ray as well.

Here are some more details about these different types of digital dental x-rays.

Bitewing View

A bitewing view dental x-ray is split between the upper and lower areas of the jaw. It allows the dentist to see evidence of any bone loss or cavities in the subgum or crown portions of the teeth. These x-rays usually take images of the rear half of the upper and lower jaw structures.

Periapical View

These x-rays take images of the lower area of the teeth and their roots. They are used to study the root structures and look for any pending issues. Periapical view x-rays can detect the source of nerve pain a patient may be experiencing. They can also detect any superfluous or impacted teeth that are below the gum's surface. Patients often have periapical view x-rays before any periodontic work, root canals, or endodontic therapy.

Occlusal View

This less-common dental x-ray is used to examine the bone structure of the upper and lower jaw of the patient. These x-rays can help detect tumors or bone loss in patients. Occlusal view x-rays can also detect blockages in a patient's salivary ducts.

Digital Dental X-rays near me

Digital Dental X-Rays at See Me Smile Dental

Digital dental x-rays are a normal part of your dental examination. When it is time for your x-rays, you will be escorted into another room and provided a lead shield to protect your body. We will ask you to bite down on the film that allows the x-ray machine to see clearly inside your mouth. Digital dental x-rays do not take long to complete and do not involve any pain or discomfort!

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