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Invisalign Clear Braces in Santa Barbara, CA

If you are looking for a quick and noninvasive way to straighten your teeth, then Invisalign clear aligners may be for you!

What Are Invisalign Clear Braces (aligners)?

Invisalign aligners work like braces to straighten your teeth with the use of high-quality, custom made clear plastic trays. Invisalign clear braces gently shift your teeth over time, and are virtually invisible during treatment.

Why Should I Choose Invisalign Clear aligners for Myself or My Child?

The clear aligners are a comfortable and natural looking way to straighten your teeth, without the appearance of wires and brackets. Invisalign trays can also be removed when needed, so you can still brush and floss like normal. Invisalign clear braces are a popular choice for both adults and teens, and will help you achieve a beautiful smile!

With Invisalign, your life won't be disrupted. You can eat what you want and enjoy sports and other activities without worrying about your braces. Brushing and flossing is easier with Invisalign than with traditional metal braces, because your clear aligners can be easily removed as needed. And you won't have to worry about metal, wires, or brackets, found in traditional metal braces, creating discomfort or mouth abrasions.

How Do We Get Started With Invisalign Clear aligners?

When you come in to start your Invisalign treatment, we'll first perform an examination, and take X-rays so we can determine the current placement of your teeth.

We will also determine if you (or your child) are a candidate for clear aligners. For certain types of misalignments, traditional braces may be recommended. Fortunately Invisalign clear aligners have advanced considerably and can now handle many problems that would have required traditional braces in the past.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Once we determine if Invisalign will work for you, our orthodontist will use state-of-the-art technology to take precise impressions of your mouth in order to create your customized Invisalign trays.

We use specialized computer software to plan your Invisalign treatment, which happens over stages. A series of custom clear aligners is created for both the top and bottom teeth.

How Long Are Invisalign Clear aligners Worn?

Each tray of clear aligners is worn for approximately two weeks for at least 20 hours per day. The total time for treatment is approximately 12 to 36 months.

During your treatment process, we will bring you back to the office every few weeks to assess your progress and to issue the next tray for your stage in treatment.

Once you are done with Invisalign, you will need to wear a retainer as recommended by your orthodontist, to stabilize your treatment.

 Santa Barbara CA
 Santa Barbara CA

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Clear aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners are made from a comfortable, clear plastic that is not attached to the teeth like traditional braces. Because they are 100% removable, clear aligners have many benefits.

How Do Invisalign Clear aligners Look?

Invisalign clear aligners give you an attractive, clean look. Metal braces have gotten popular in recent years with young people, due to the variety of styles and colors now available. However, as an adult or maturing teen, there may be a preference for the more "invisible" look of Invisalign clear aligners.

Is It Easy to Brush My Teeth with Invisalign Clear aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners lead to better oral hygiene. Because Invisalign aligners can be removed to eat food and brush teeth, it is much easier to practice proper oral hygiene.

What Can I Eat with Invisalign Clear aligners?

Eat the food you want. Traditional braces limit what foods you can eat during treatment. With Invisalign aligners, you don't have to worry about that because you will remove them before eating.

Are Invisalign Clear aligners Comfortable?

Comfortable and protective: Invisalign clear aligners are not only comfortable, they actually protect your teeth. People who grind their teeth actually find that the clear aligners help protect their teeth from too much wear.

What Are the Guidelines for Wearing My Invisalign Clear aligners?

One of the big advantages of Invisalign aligners over traditional metal braces is that clear aligners are completely removable. Because of this, it might be tempting to remove your clear aligners and forget to put them back in, or neglect to wear them long enough.

Forgetting to wear your Invisalign clear aligners won't help you in the long run - it will simply delay your treatment and make it take much longer to get the straight teeth you desire. For this reason, please wear your Invisalign aligners as long as possible - 20 to 22 hours each day - to achieve the best and fastest results.

Are Invisalign Clear aligners Uncomfortable?

Generally, Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable. When you first start wearing a new tray of Invisalign aligners, you may feel a slight discomfort, which is perfectly normal. Your clear aligners should not be painful. If so, please contact us immediately.

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How Do You Clean Invisalign Clear aligners?

Invisalign clear cligners are easily removed for eating and cleaning. To keep them sanitary and working properly, you need to take a few easy steps. Remove your aligners when it is time to eat. After each meal, brush your teeth so food and plaque does not accumulate in your Invisalign aligners. You should rinse your clear aligners nightly in lukewarm water and brush them with a toothbrush regularly. This will keep your Invisalign aligners clean, clear, and fresh.

How Do You Know If a Child is Wearing Their Invisalign clear aligners Often Enough?

If you are a parent, you may be concerned about whether your teenager is wearing their Invisalign aligners. Don't worry! Invisalign now has blue "compliance indicators" that fade with wear, so you and the orthodontist will know how much they are being worn.

What Is the Cost of Invisalign Clear aligners?

The cost for Invisalign clear aligners ranges from $3,000 to $7,000 before insurance, and affordable monthly payments can be set up.


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