Single Tooth Implants Santa Barbara CA

Single Tooth Implants

Single Tooth Implants in Santa Barbara, CA

A single tooth implant is a dental implant that is simply one tooth instead of a bridge or multiple teeth.

How Does a Single Tooth Implant Work?

A dental implant consists of three parts. The implant itself is a titanium post that is surgically anchored into your jawbone to act as the tooth's replacement roots. The bone fuses with the implant which created a permanent anchor for the implant.

The abutment is the connection between the implant and the artificial tooth.

The last piece is the artificial tooth, which can also be known as a crown. This fits over the abutment and is attached securely to the implant.

After the initial surgery, when the implant is healed, the artificial tooth will be attached to the anchor to match the rest of your teeth.

What Are the Types of Single Dental Implants?

There are two different kinds of implants that can be used. The first is the Endosteal dental implant. These implants are put under the gum and into your jawbone. It will fuse with your bone. It is the most common type of dental implant used.

Subperiosteal dental implants are put under the gum and above or on top of your jawbone. This kind of implant is suitable for people with shallow jawbones.

What Is the Basic Implant Timeline?

Getting an implant requires multiple steps. First, if the damaged tooth is still attached, it must be extracted. Next, any additional procedures (bone grafting, sinus augmentation, ridge modification) takes place, and finally, the implant is surgically placed.

The next step is the healing and growth of the bone. Once enough time has passed to allow for everything to heal, the abutment and crown are securely placed.

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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

One of the biggest benefits of single tooth implants is that they are easy to maintain after surgery. You can treat them like your natural teeth. Just make sure to keep up with the hygiene regimen we recommend, and your implant can last forever! Other benefits include:

  • Natural appearance
  • Does not impair ability to chew
  • No damage to other teeth
  • Keeps proper alignment of your jaw
  • Improved speech
  • More comfortable
  • Durable and long-lasting

How Much Do Single Tooth Implants Cost?

The cost of your single tooth implant will depend on your personal dental needs and your insurance coverage. The cost before insurance can range from $4,000 to $6,000.

How Can I Stay Comfortable During The Implant Process?

We will keep you comfortable throughout the dental implant process. We know that everyone is different so we offer a variety of sedation options and a relaxing environment. We don't want fear to stop you from getting your best smile.

What Should I Do After I Get My Implant?

Your dental implant should work just like a regular tooth. If you have any concerns about your implant, call us to schedule an appointment, and we will take a look and make sure that everything is healing as it should.


If you are looking for dental implants in Santa Barbara, come see our friendly staff. We offer a dental implant consultation to go over every aspect of the implant process where we take photos, x-rays, and impressions of your mouth. We'll also answer any questions you have, and you'll leave feeling prepared for this new part of your life.

Will Any Additional Procedures Be Needed?

Each patient will have a different experience with this surgery, and depending on certain factors, additional procedures could be needed.

Fortunately, the most common additional procedures required are small, and the most difficult aspect is the delay it can cause in the implants being placed.

What Is Bone Grafting

Bone grafting isn't always needed. It's only required if your jawbone is too thin or too soft. Chewing places a lot of pressure on your jawbone, and if your bone can't support the implant, it will fail once you attempt to eat solid food.

A bone graft will strengthen your jawbone and support the implant. There are different bone graft materials to work with. You can use natural bone grafts, meaning taking bone from another part of your body and using it in your jaw, or synthetic bone graft, meaning substitute material is used. A few months will be needed for the graft to become strong enough to support the implant.

What Is Sinus Augmentation?

This procedure could be needed if an implant is being put in the upper jawbone. The location of your sinuses could affect how the jawbone develops.

A sinus augmentation lifts the floor of the sinuses to give more room for the jawbone to develop that way the implant is properly secured.

What Is Ridge Modification?

Some patients' jawbones may need work before the implant is placed. A ridge modification is when the gum is lifted to show the bone area that needs work. Real or synthetic bone can be used to smooth out or build up the patient's bone before the implant surgery.

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