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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Zoom Whitening

Among the countless tooth whitening procedures that are available, Zoom is likely the most well-known. An in-office treatment that uses whitening gel and a proprietary blue light, the process offers a quick and effective way to achieve a bright and sparkling smile.

Benefits of Zoom whitening

Consistent results

No matter how dark your stains, you can count on Zoom whitening to produce dramatic, light and beautiful results.

Quick treatment

The entire Zoom whitening process gives you a beautiful new smile in a single one-hour visit.

Perfect for sensitive teeth

Due to the gentle nature of Zoom whitening, the process almost never leads to tooth sensitivity for our Santa Barbara patients.


You get to select the exact shade of white you want to see in the mirror, so you can ensure your final result is precisely what you had in mind.

The Zoom whitening procedure

You can expect your entire Zoom whitening procedure to be comfortable, quick and easy. To begin, Dr. Omid Barkhordar will place protective coverings over your lips and gums to prevent any irritation from the Zoom whitening gel. He will then evenly apply the gel to the surface of your teeth, before placing a light to activate the treatment. Aided by the power of the light, the gel will penetrate the enamel of your teeth for one hour – removing any dark stains and unsightly discoloration. Throughout this process, you will experience no discomfort. Many of our patients even use this time to watch TV, rest or listen to music. Once your procedure is complete, Dr. Barkhordar will apply a fluoride treatment and you’ll be free to return to your normal activities.

In many cases, Zoom whitening is able to make your teeth up to eight shades whiter. To help you manage any discoloration that may occur moving forward, Dr. Barkhordar will provide you with a professional take-home kit with custom trays so you can maintain your dazzling new smile for years to come.

How to maintain your white smile

Although Zoom whitening produces long-lasting results, you have to do your part in maintaining your beautiful smile. For example, if you routinely consume dark-colored food and drinks and you don’t practice proper oral hygiene, there is always a chance that your stains could return.

To maintain your beautiful new smile, Dr. Barkhordar recommends avoiding sodas and sugary snacks and decreasing your intake of coffee, tea and red wine. It’s also important to brush twice daily with a gentle toothbrush and visit our Santa Barbara office every six months for professional cleanings. All of these steps will minimize future staining and ensure your Zoom whitening results endure for as long as possible.

Is Zoom whitening right for you?

Because Zoom whitening is a safe and powerful way to lighten teeth, almost anyone over the age of 13 can be considered a candidate. As long as you suffer from extrinsic stains due to red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, the natural aging process and similar causes, Zoom whitening can help eliminate the discoloration and restore your white and bright smile. Additionally, to be considered an ideal candidate you should not be pregnant, breastfeeding or with an underlying oral health issue.

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- D.E. Santa Barbara, CA
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Dr. Omid was friendly and courteous. He explained what needed to be done and gave me options. I never felt pressured. I’m glad I found this office.

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