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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Root Canal

When decay reaches the tooth pulp and nerve, it results in an infection that must be treated immediately in order to save the tooth. When this occurs, a root canal is performed to remove the infected areas, clean the inside of the tooth and prevent permanent tooth loss.

Signs you need a root canal

The only way to truly determine if you need a root canal is to make an appointment with Dr. Barkhordar’s Santa Barbara office, so he can evaluate the area and outline a customized treatment plan. With that said, here are some of the most common signs your tooth decay has progressed to the point where a root canal is necessary:

  1. Severe toothache
  2. Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  3. Darkening of the infected tooth
  4. A pimple on the gums
  5. Gum swelling and tenderness

It’s also important to note that you can need a root canal and not experience any symptoms. The absence of symptoms does not necessarily mean you’re in the clear, which is why it’s so important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

What to expect during the root canal procedure

Prior to your root canal, Dr. Barkhordar will have you come into our Santa Barbara office so he can take x-rays of the area. This allows him to evaluate your teeth and identify the precise location and extent of the infection.

To begin the actual procedure, Dr. Barkhordar will apply a local anesthetic to numb the tooth. This will prevent you from experiencing any pain as the decay is eliminated. Because moisture can interfere with the procedure, he will also place a sheet of rubber around the tooth. From there, he will drill a hole into the tooth and remove the pulp, bacteria and decay using a root canal file. He will then inject a special liquid to clear away any remaining debris.

Once the decay and debris have been eliminated, Dr. Barkhordar will seal the tooth. In many cases, this will be performed the very same day, with sealer paste and a rubber compound being placed in the root canal, and a composite filling being placed in the access hole that was created at the beginning of the procedure. However, if you have an active infection, Dr. Barkhordar may put medication and a temporary filling inside the tooth to treat the disease. He will then schedule another appointment to place the sealant, once your infection has cleared.

The final step of your root canal will involve restoring the tooth. Because root canals involve extensive decay, crowns and other restorations are often needed to protect the tooth, ensure optimal function and prevent breakage. After your procedure, Dr. Barkhordar will discuss these treatments with you and help you determine which one is in your best interest.

Your recovery

After your root canal, the pain and symptoms that were associated with the infection will be gone. However, for the first few ways it’s normal to feel some sensitivity due to inflammation from the procedure. This can be easily controlled with over-the-counter pain medication until it subsides. Dr. Barkhordar advises his patients to stay home from work immediately after the procedure, though you’re free to return to your normal activities the very next day.

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