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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Implant Dentures

As the name suggests, implant dentures are dentures that are attached to and supported by dental implants. They differ from traditional dentures, which rest directly on the gum tissue. They are most commonly used in patients who don’t have any teeth, but possess enough underlying bone to support the implants.

Benefits of implant dentures

Some patients don’t tolerate conventional dentures well because they feel the device isn’t secure, and thus prevents them from eating, speaking and behaving normally. In this case, implant dentures offer the ideal solution, because they:

  1. Provide more stability
  2. Are more likely to stay in place
  3. Ensure long-term durability
  4. Don’t require denture adhesives

Because implant dentures are more stable, patients can chew properly and speak with confidence. And, they tend to be very comfortable, because there’s less gum irritation involved with these devices.
Types of implant dentures

There are two distinct types of implant denture available: bar-retained and ball-retained. With bar-retained dentures, Dr. Barkhordar will insert two to five implants in your jawbone. He will then attach a thin metal bar to those posts, and your denture will fit securely to the bar. With ball-retained dentures, your implants are connected to a metal, ball-shaped attachment, which will fit perfectly into specialized sockets on your dentures. During your initial consultation in our Santa Barbara office, Dr. Barkhordar will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each option, to help you decide which option is in your best interest.

What to expect during your procedure

A number of precise steps are involved with placing your implant dentures. To begin, Dr. Barkhordar will have you visit our Santa Barbara office so he can carefully review your dental history, take x-rays and create impressions of your teeth and gums. In many cases, he’ll also order a CT scan to determine if you have enough bone volume to support the procedure, as well as to reveal the location of your sinuses to ensure they will not be affected by the implants.

Next, Dr. Barkhordar will create a temporary denture until your final implant dentures can be placed. This temporary device reveals the proper placement and position for your implant dentures, and can also be used as a backup if anything happens to your final restoration. Creating this denture will take about four office visits and a period of several weeks.

Dr. Barkhordar will then schedule your first surgery for your implant dentures, which will involve placing the dental implants in the jawbone. To complete this process, Dr. Barkhordar will create an incision in the gum, drill a hole into the bone and place the implant in that opening. He will then close the incisions with stiches, and you will be sent home to complete the healing process. You will heal for approximately three to six months until the bone and implants fuse together to provide ample support for the dentures.

Once the healing process is complete, Dr. Barkhordar will schedule your second procedure. To begin this surgery, he’ll make an incision in the tissue to expose the heads of your implants. He will then place a cap on each implant, which will keep the gums away from the implant heads for approximately two weeks. At that point, the caps will be replaced with abutments, which will connect the implant to your dentures.

From there, Dr. Barkhordar will take an impression of your gums and abutments, which will allow him to make your final dentures. Once they’ve been created, he will insert the completed denture in your mouth, unveiling the megawatt smile you’ve always wanted.
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