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Full & Partial Dentures

At See Me Smile, your oral health is our first priority. Whether you or a loved one has partial or full dentures, it is important for you to know that they shouldn’t hurt. High-quality dentures that fit well will help to restore your youthful appearance, allow you to speak clearly, bring an end to those embarrassing moments, and enable you to eat the foods you enjoy, which helps improve digestion. You feel so much better about yourself when you have a natural looking smile.

Share Your Concerns
We have all the information you need in making appropriate decisions about any problems you may have, whether you currently have dentures or are considering taking that step. As we all age, the mouth changes. Gradually, the need to reline a denture arises, if not the need to get a new one altogether.

Aside from knowing that no dentures are made to last forever, there are exciting market improvements with each year that passes. Today’s dentures are nothing like those of which our grandparents once had to cope.

Exciting Advances in Dentistry
Advances in materials used to create dentures have resulted in a more comfortable unit that fits more naturally and lasts longer. The most pleasing aspect of quality dentures is the improved ability to create artificial denture teeth that look and feel natural.

Whether it is the placement, the natural color choices for both gums and teeth, or the ability to ensure a proper fit for the best function and optimal comfort, there are new products introduced to the market by leading manufacturers every year.

The demand for better products from so many millions of Americans wearing partial or full dentures has generated sufficient interest on the part of manufacturers resulting in such high-quality supply.

See Me Smile is your source in the Santa Barbara area for affordable oral care. Dr. Barkhordar and his team of professionals treat all patients as family, encouraging regular visits to help you maintain a healthy smile for life. Contact Dr. Barhordar today for help in understanding the best course of action for your unique circumstances.

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Each staff member was very professional and the office was clean, modern, and comfortable. Great phone communication prior to appointment as well... right on schedule, a rare occurrence these days!

- Jenn M. Solvang, CA Contact Us

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